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As a Volunteer

You, as a Volunteer, can play a key role in our organization. You can provide valuable skills and talent that can be very useful for the organization and we may be lacking them. We assist, motivate and provide a platform to volunteers to help them strengthen their skills that will improve their performance & efficiency.

We also encourage internships into ground-working for the cause.

SHC India accords due recognition to the work and the time spent by the volunteers for the cause in various ways.

Why do you want to Volunteer for SHC India? Please Tick below

  • Belief in the cause
  • Personal satisfaction/ feel good
  • Meet new people
  • Be part of community
  • Build self – confidence
  • Gain training and experience
  • Improve job prospects
  • Use my skills and abilities
  • Satisfy spiritual obligation
  • Make a difference/ help people
  • Enhance knowledge
  • Pass time
  • Follow family tradition
  • Organization has helped them and they want to help others
  • Need the support of organization

General tasks for Volunteers:
  • Creating Public Awareness
  • Enrolling Donor members
  • Fundraising
  • Publications and content writing
  • Writing Proposals
  • Organizing workshops and meetings
  • Publicity and public relations & contacting celebrities
  • Counseling
  • Photography
  • Updating web site
  • Building mailing list
  • Generating greeting cards
  • Doing outreach activities
If you are interested to become a volunteer please fill up the form and send it to us

To be Our Volunteer please fill out this form

I take oath to help SHC India voluntarily and without any self interest. I am committed to help with all my professional skills and to the best of my ability. I understand that the work undertaken by me would be required to be completed as per the prescribed time schedule. I will be a goodwill Ambassador and will not do any thing that will harm the reputation of SHC India at any point of time even when I am no more an SHC India Volunteer. I will make a difference in someone's life.

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