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People Behind

Jittender Kapoor (Chairman)

Jittender Kapoor (Based in New Delhi) is a known philanthropist and has been working in social sector for more than 35 years now. This includes 30 years in the service of people suffering from hemophilia. Seeing the painful conditions of persons with hemophilia, he with his childhood friend late Sh. Ashok Verma who also had hemophilia, & others engineered Hemophilia Movement in the country in1983. He served HFI for 18 years in various capacities which included as its founder chairman. He is also one of the founders of Lions Hospital & Research Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi. He also served on Constitutional Committee of World Federation of Hemophilia and contributed with his financial & administrative acumen all these years to the cause of hemophilia.

He also served as President, Lions Club (Delhi Capital) and implemented several health programmes including "Sight First" accessible to the poor and aged.

A selfless, passionate and a great visionary, is always ready to render a helping hand to anyone in needy. By profession he is a prominent business person living in Golf Link, New Delhi.

Ranjana Ramchander (Vice Chairman)

Ranjana Ramchander (Based in Bangalore) is a passionate lady and has been working with the single objective of making hemophilia treatment available to all regardless of capacity to pay. She took up the hemophilia cause along with her husband late Shri S. P. Ramchander who had hemophilia. He expired at a young age.

Ranjana made the first animation film on hemophilia to spread awareness about the condition that affects about 1lakh people in India alone. A very knowledgeable person and perfect communicator she is a painter by profession and has held various painting exhibitions to aid the activity of hemophilia in her state i.e Karnataka.

She is the first person who advocated successfully with the Government of Karnataka to provide free hemophilia treatment. Due to her strong advocacy & follow up skills, free life saving medicines called Factors are available all over the state of Karnataka since 2006.

Dr. R. K. Sharma (Officiating Secretary Finance)

A down to earth, simple but very committed person (Based in New Delhi), is helping hundreds of families in and around Delhi for more than 5 years. Families with hemophilia have more faith on him than a medical person. He also coordinates patients awareness camps in Delhi.

He is a practicing Homeopathic doctor.

Richa Mohan (Board Member)

Richa Mohan (Based in U.P.) is a Clinical Psychologist by profession and has been associated with the cause of hemophilia for more than 12 years now. She has conducted research on children & youth with hemophilia & several research studies are published to her credit.

She is also serving as a member on the Psycho-social Committee of the World Federation of Hemophilia, Canada.

Rajani Raina (Board Member)

Rajani Raina (Based in Mumbai) is a Govt. Officer by profession and has been associated with hemophilia cause since 1990 in J & K State.

Dr. Surabhi Kaul (Medical Coordinator)

Dr. Surabhi Kaul is into hemophilia epidemiological research and working closely with patient groups.

Air Marshal S. Chand (Chair, Advisory Board)

A person with wisdom & passion, Air Marshal (Retd. & based in NOIDA) has been actively pleading the cause of hemophilia at the national & international levels. Despite his high responsibilities with the Indian Air Force until his retirement, he has been serving the cause and providing the direction to hemophilia movement since 1983.

Prof. & Dr. Alok Srivastava (Member Advisory Board)

Dr. Alok Srivastava (Based in Vellore) is the most experienced and highly qualified hematologist serving the cause of hemophilia for more than 2 decades. Persons suffering from hemophilia travel thousands of miles to consult him and receive the best possible treatment at Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore.

He is known for his research on hemophilia treatment world-wide & is on the board of World Federation of Hemophilia, Canada,

He is also the Chairman of the sub-committee of International Society for Thrombosis & Haemostasis and several other international bodies.

He is the Head, Department of Hematology, CMC & H, Vellore.

Sameena Siddiqui (Media Member Advisory Board)

Sameena Siddiqui (Based in New Delhi) is into the media profession for more than 20 years now. Presently a Doordarshan News Anchor. She also anchors the AIR FM Rainbow programmes.

She has also served Zee News and is on the guest faculty of several colleges.

Mr. A. K. Sharan (Member Advisory Board)

Mr. A. K. Sharan (Based in New Delhi) is serving KVIC (Govt. of India autonomous body) as its Deputy Director. He has volumes of experience in Khadi, Village Industries, Rural development & Gandhian Philosophy. He is also working for mentally challenged children. He is the President of the Lions' Club, Samalakha. A strong believer in cooperative business initiatives, sees a very bright possibility in the economic rehabilitation projects for the persons & their families with hemophilia in a cooperative style & structure.

Vijay Kaul (Executive Director)

Vijay Kaul (Based in New Delhi) is one of the founding members of hemophilia movement in India and has been actively serving the cause since 1983. He is recognized for his excellent organizational development skills, advocacy & resources mobilization skills. He has been working in developing hemophilia care (non-medical) in the third world countries for more than a decade. He has also been on the faculty of the various expert committees & conferences in India & abroad including the World Federation of Hemophilia.

He has served the Govt. for India for more than 21 years in various capacities & ministries before seeking voluntary retirement & taking up the hemophilia work as fulltime responsibility.

He has also worked on various Govt. of India projects funded by the World Bank & Danida.

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