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Admission : Membership of Society shall be open to all irrespective of caste, sex, religion and nationality. The membership shall be classified in the following categories:

Ordinary Members : An individual, on application, can be an ordinary member of the Society. He shall pay an annual membership fee of Rs.100/- in addition to Rs.100/- as Admission fee when he joins first time.

Life Members : An individual, on application and on payment of fees Rs.2,000/- in lump sum shall become a Life Member of the Society. He is also required to pay first time admission fe of Rs.100/-

Institutional Members : On application and on payment of an annual fee Rs.10,000/- or a life membership fee of Rs.1,00,000/- in addition of Rs.100/- as first time admission fee, by any partnership firm, company, Trust-Charitable or otherwise, Society-Charitable or otherwise, institutions and such similar Organizations – whether private or public, semi-government or government, will become either Ordinary Member or Life Member of Society respectively. A representative duly authorised by such an Institution or Organisation, shall be entered in the Register of Members of Society. An individual representing an Institution in this category shall be known as Institutional Member.

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