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Words that motivate us and strengthen our intentions "After the death of my husband every thing for us was lost until SHC came to our rescue. Now my family is supported by the income from our polybag sales outlet which has been started with the financial help from SHC India. SHC India workers visited us and rendered us all the moral support we needed at that time."
Supriya W/o late Sh. Rajesh Singh

"My first impression of SHC India was that of a group of highly dedicated and experienced professionals coming together for a noble cause. In a country where even the well educated have not heard of a disease like hemophilia that renders children physically challenged, promoting awareness of the ways and means for treatment needs a strong initiative.

I am glad I have been able to lend a helping hand to SHC India in whatever way I can. I have been able to start a dialogue within my organization on the need to provide a helping hand to SHC, in terms of voluntary and financial help. If professionals like me can come together and devote even an hour every week from their work schedules to its cause, we would never see people dying when treatment is available." Sapan Shah American Express Bank

"Music is the best medium to spread hemophilia awareness. I am doing programmes for SHC India every year now." Padamabhushan Shri Jagjit Singh Ghazal Maestro

"I am a car mechanic. My son is having hemophilia and I cannot purchase injections my son needs when he has a bleed in his ankle. I am thankful to SHC India for helping me in providing them free." Inder Pal F/o Master Chetan Ghaziabad

Master Nikhil C. Prakash becomes the youngest donor to SHC India. He is presently studying in USA. On his vacations here he came to know about the pain and difficulties children having hemophilia have to face. He immediately donated his pocket money to SHC India for helping such needy children. Thank you Nikhil

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