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Support to Needy

1. PATH (Providing Affordable Treatment for Hemophilia)

Its main objective is to help provide treatment of Hemophilia at affordable cost and prevent disability. Hemophilia treatment is very expensive. The only life saving medicine called Anti Hemophilia Factor (AHF) required in stopping the bleeds is made from human blood. That is why it is not affordable even by a very well-to-do family. A Hemophilia patient needs frequent infusions of AHF and there is negligible support from the government.

SHC India provides these life saving medicines on regular basis at half the market prices & on cost to cost basis. It is also provided free to the most deserving people and as the availability of funds permit. This is the biggest challenge for SHC India. A lot of financial support is required so that more and more people can have access to very affordable treatment under this programme.

Donor has direct contact with the beneficiary, if he wishes so.

2. SAVE a Life

The main aim is to provide awareness and treatment to the needy children in serious or life-threatening situations . If he is a school going child then the threat of frequent injuries is always hanging upon him. He bleeds most often. If he is not provided treatment, these bleeds are most often life-threatening.

The mortality rate in children suffering from hemophilia is very high. SHC India provides free treatment to such children on a limited basis due to very limited resources. Donors can see the immediate impact of their support.


A child with hemophilia very often bleeds into his joints which makes him immobile for considerable amount of time. He misses his classes. In order to keep pace with the class-work/studies he needs extra help at home during his illness. Getting him a tutor and self study material helps him in continuing with his studies even at his home.

The objective of this programme is to assess the educational needs of the affected children, help them in their needs by providing stationery, books and tuition fees.

Prospective donors are highly solicited to contact us for further details.

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