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Advocacy and Networking

SHC India is constantly advocating with Government and Non-Government agencies to focus their attention on the need of providing hemophilia care. The plan is in place based on which the advocacy work is in result-oriented direction. Hemophilia is catching the attention of the State Govts. and Hemophilia is gradually shifting from a "Neglected Disease" to a "Yes, Needs-Attention Disease" by various governments. Almost 50% States are providing free hemophilia treatment in Govt. Hospitals, though on "Hop on Hop off" basis. Getting regular budgetary allocations sanctioned for govt. hospitals is a challenge for SHC India.

Networking with other NGOs

It is very cost effective when both work together on a common programme. SHC India has partnered with various advocacy groups. Hemophilia awareness drive and reaching to undiagnosed people has been taken up.

Involving Media

Issue based articles, stories and interviews with the affected population are facilitated with print media and TV channels. This is done on regular basis and also in conjunction with our events and important days like World Hemophilia Day, SHC India Day, Musical events and Hemophilia Marathons.

Many times the problems faced by the affected population are highlighted by the media and the role or no role played by the Government Authorities.

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