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Hi and Welcome!

I am SHC India. I am sure after you spend sometime with me you will become my friend. I am an effort made by people working behind me and may be useful to persons with hemophilia (PwHs) and their friends like you, well wishers and supporters. For your further inquisitiveness we are just a mail or phone call away.

Hemophilia is a hereditary bleeding disorder where the clotting of blood does not normally happen because of deficiency of Coagulation protein called Factors. It affects more than one lakh males in India and double this number indirectly affects females who carry the defective gene. The treatment of hemophilia is available but very expensive and a life-long exercise. A person, with treatment, can lead a near normal life.

SHC India is a humble national initiative into working very pro-actively for the cause of people suffering from hemophilia and other genetic bleeding disorders. It works in partnership/association with various other organizations, individuals and governments, both at the Central as well as State levels and Industry for facilitating safe, quality, affordable & ethical treatment for persons suffering from hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

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